Narrative Healthcare

883006_10151560633588698_885607008_oWelcome to the Narrative Healthcare website, a product of the writing program at Lenoir-Rhyne University. Here you will find inspiration, information, and resources related to the field. Among these pages you’ll meet doctors, physician assistants, social workers, and caregivers who want to bridge the relational divide between patient and doctor with empathy, appreciation, and attention. You’ll meet poets and writers, songsmiths and painters, potters and weavers. All of these fellow pilgrims have one thing in common: to help people tell, and listen to, the hard stories we all carry. Stories that often don’t fit the metrics of a typical doctor’s appointment. Stories that require an understanding of the teller’s background, culture, and fears. A movement is underway to reimagine the humanities in healthcare. Please join us.

                 –Laura Hope-Gill, MFA, Founder of the Narrative Healthcare Writing Program

Narrative Healthcare draws together the fields where medicine and humanities touch: Narrative Medicine, Medical Humanities, Expressive Writing, and Poetic Medicine. Serving physicians, medical students, counselors, social workers, nurses, and all who come into contact with sickness and wellness, Narrative Healthcare provides training in listening, reflecting, and writing-to-heal, while providing evidence-based training in applying narrative practice.



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