Expressive Writing

Expressive Writing is writing for better physical, emotional and spiritual health.

Imagine an efficient, proven process to increase wellness and build resilience.  Expressive writing is such a process and promises to help manage the challenges of our complex lives, including high stress, decreasing immune function, increasing chronic symptoms, deteriorating health, grief and overcoming trauma.

Whether you are an individual looking for ways to address these challenges or a provider who works to help others address them, writing is an effective, inexpensive, important component for your toolkit.  It has been proven to increase immunity, improve overall health, and subsequently improve quality of life by enhancing you or your patients’ resilience.

John Evans M.Ed. and James Pennebaker have developed Expressive Writing through classes workshops, and evidence-based research. It is shown to reduce anxiety, symptoms of depression and chronic illness, and to accelerate healing from trauma. John joins the Narrative Healthcare team here to present prompts and exercises that take 20 minutes of your time and that offer a boost in these difficult days. For more about John’s work.

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